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Expeditors by Lindale, Inc.

Expeditors is a provider of equipment and services for the support of disastrous incidents. Our specialty is logistical support equipment and we feature rapid deployment. Our equipment and services are signed up under U.S. Forest Service Emergency Equipment Rental Agreements and are available from various locations throughout the western U.S.


We feel a strong commitment to our partnership with emergency response and land management agencies and welcome the opportunity to negotiate a separate agreement with any agency, Federal, State or local, that is unable to use or does not wish to use an existing Forest Service Rental Agreement.


Please take a few minutes to learn more fire support services and what we have to offer. To contact Expedtors Fire Support Services view our contact page and select the fire support specialist serving your region.


Mobile Water Enhancers

Thermo-Gel® Mobile Water Enhancers capable of delivering up to 600 gallons of gel per minute.

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Expeditors provides fire support services and equipment for the support of disastrous incidents in locations throughout the western U.S.

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